"We must accept the fact that all the people we have known, will come a day we don’t know them anymore, and the people we loved, will come a day we will no longer want them as much as before, That things don’t always happen as we imagine, that wishes sometimes do but not while we’re waiting, we must accept all the painful facts and live with them, because we are dammed if we don’t."
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OMG you're incredibly amazzzzzing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭 I love your writing Mashallah ❤️❤️ bless you dear ! ❤️❤️ your words are touching 💔 and thats what makes you special ❤️ have a sweet night ❤️❤️

thank you

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Hey i just wanted to tell you that you are as beautiful as your writing babe.:)

thank you

A message from Anonymous
write! write! write!

inspire me

A message from Anonymous
--- (sorry not enough characters left Haha :D) could you give me tips? cause my mind is full of thoughts which I think are really difficult to understand or just something but when I want to write them down its really hard and I just cant

Sweetheart, I don’t try to write, It just happens 

A message from Anonymous
I guess everyone has already told you what I would like to let you know too. I'm lost for words now. But still, I wanna say thank you. I may be just a stranger to you, but I'm really grateful that someone like you exist.. Take care.


A message from poisonousweetness
Oh I so wish to have your heart and mind . Hi Sarah, I'm Sarah 😊

Hello there Sarah! I’m flattered dear

A message from esperanzaramirez
Omg I can't stop reading, your writing is so good :)


A message from writerwithawebsite
Just stumbled across your blog. I'm new here so reading messages about your writing is amazing. Also, love the virginia woolf reference in your description. <3

Amazing is too big, but thank you

A message from lostiinwonderlandd
You are simply amazing❤️ you're so creative. Keep up the good work:) good luck xx

Will do, thank you.